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Discover the ROADMAP to implement Industrial Internet (IIoT) into existing poduction processes.

MATURITY MODEL assessment for industrial plant & processes

The MATURITY MODEL aims at evaluating the current state of any industrial plant and the production process, identifying the potential points of intervention, choosing the right set of operating solutions with particular reference to technical and technological upgrades, safety and Industry 4.0.


Thank to the experience building with effective and , provides industrial companies with valuable insights to manage assets and operations more efficiently.

The evaluates your current state and your future vision in order to lineout a detailed roadmap to implement the in your industry domain.

Based on a series of progressive questions, this model provides a personalized high-level view of your organization’s current state and recommends a solid solution roadmap.

It reveals areas that have not reached their full potential and highlights where your organization aspires to be within the journey.

Your business priorities are also aligned with the model results, thus targeting the right business solutions in support of achieving your Industrial Internet aspirational vision.

The whole plant will be evaluated by identifying and evaluating the before and after the implementation of upgrades.

More in detail the will be deployed according the following steps:

STEP 1: Collection of information

We will provide a preliminary analysis of information collected trough a

STEP 2: Investigation at site

Our Team will investigate about:

STEP 3: The Assessment

We will provide a detailed to:

Identify the , taking into account the available process technologies in the Plant including operational difficulties, considering possible expansion scenarios in the existing facilities, possible new options with conventional and alternative technologies.

Point out what , are necessary to enhance the plant production / operation.

Define the applicableskills specifically requested to , , ,

You are ready now to the FUTURE or WORK co-operating with your new colleague: iDO Industrial Digital Operator

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DIG:ITA is an digital & IIoT powerhouse delivering the most complete solution for risk-free digital transformations.

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DIG:ITA is a digital & IIoT powerhouse delivering the most complete solution for risk-free digital transformations.