Mi-LIVE iDO information delivery skill addresses alarms to the right person, at the right place — in context

MOSAICO workspace helps us send alarms in context.

Aug 30 · 2 min read

Operators need to be able to understand the corrective action required to resolve an alarm

“With our MOSAICO workforce, those days are gone — and digitization must be the foundation for providing the context to newer, inexperienced workers.” — Carlo Cella DIG:ITA CDO

MiLIVE is #iDO skill part of MOSAICO workforce that visualize your data’s plant.
Mi-LIVE is complete, exhaustive and interactive window into your process data directly on your mobile devices, showing trend about process data, alarms & events organized by occurrencies, categories, plant area, priorities and time.
Edoardo Cella DIG:ITA CDO

“The right information, in context, finds the right person in the right location, which is drastically different from the traditional SCADA world and drives faster action. “


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