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Mi-LIVE iDO information delivery skill addresses alarms to the right person, at the right place — in context

MOSAICO workspace helps us send alarms in context.

Operators need to be able to understand the corrective action required to resolve an alarm

once an alarm fires, an operator should be able to understand contextually, not just where in the plant the issue is occurring (from a location standpoint), but more directly,

As such, seeing an alarm in context is important. In the past, operations teams relied on years of experience for that context — the so called “machine whisperer” who understood that if “x alarm” occurred under “y circumstances,” then it meant a conveyor, for example, was moving too fast and they knew exactly how to tweak a dial.

“With our MOSAICO workforce, those days are gone — and digitization must be the foundation for providing the context to newer, inexperienced workers.” — Carlo Cella DIG:ITA CDO

MiLIVE is #iDO skill part of MOSAICO workforce that visualize your data’s plant.
Mi-LIVE is complete, exhaustive and interactive window into your process data directly on your mobile devices, showing trend about process data, alarms & events organized by occurrencies, categories, plant area, priorities and time.

Lastly, Mi-LIVE gets the alarm, in context, to the right person in the right place. Organizations can deploy alarms to an operator, engineer, or manager based on role and physical location. As an example, an engineer is standing on Floor 4 in front of a mixer and an alarm triggers related to a machine on Floor 1, which is 25 minutes away. Does it make sense to deploy the alarm to that engineer? Today’s iDO Digital Operator can determine that a colleague is standing 100 mtrs away from the machine in alarm — and instead send the signal to the closest engineer for faster, more efficient response.

Edoardo Cella DIG:ITA CDO

“The right information, in context, finds the right person in the right location, which is drastically different from the traditional SCADA world and drives faster action. “

Created with ❤️ by DIG:ITA 2021



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