Optimizing maintenance management on production floors on Gaser water treatment facilities

Coupling specific alarms to maintenance team enables you to establish real-time data feeds to its analytics engines, which can then spew out warnings for trends that lead to equipment degradation or failure.

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2 min readJun 8, 2022

What did our team find?

#iDO Industrial Digital Operator is working within Mosaico Digital WORKSPACE at GASER water treatment plant to monitor what is happening on the factory floor.

“Through Mi-LIVE skill, and thanks to his information delivery competence, #iDO reported to the maintenance department a recurring anomaly on a pump, which had been occurring more and more frequently in recent weeks.” — said GASER Head of Maintenance

What was the trigger for this analysis?

“We have identified a number of alarms that are triggered on the production plant that are directly related to problems that can be resolved by the maintenance team.” — said Luca Signorelli DIGITA Data Scientist

MOSAICO allows tracking of these events through graphs and charts that list the most frequent events based on different time periods.

HITs of Alarms and specific alarm in the last month.

What was the value to the customer?

The customer became involved to verify the problem, and after an analysis phase, specific maintenance was performed and the outcome was monitored. To date, the problem is no longer present.

Alarm resolved with the intervention of the Maintenance Team.

Digital Transformation for Sustainability

MOSAICO workspace aims to ensure availability and sustainable management of water. This is GOAL 6.3 of the Global Goals 2030.

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