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MOSAICO Performance & Reliability Center

The Performance & Reliability TEAM helps close the gap between powerful new technology and maintenance engineers on the ground — between great software and people who have to turn a wrench.

Creating enviroment that care

Operating Industrial assets would be easy if it weren’t for fluctuating temperatures, unforeseen damage, unsteady energy requirements, and ever-changing operator behavior.

To keep things simple DIG:ITA has completely rethought its approach to industrial plant operation. From static to dynamic. From periodic to demand-based. From visual to data-driven.

Advisory Services

Our holistic approach goes beyond consulting. We create and implement strategies that support your business goals and constraints. We help you reduce costs, manage emissions, and minimize risk.

Strategies that contribute value across your building portfolio and infrastructure:

  • Maximizing the return on your industrial infrastructure is more important than ever. Our experts work with you to develop a clear strategy to address your business goals.
  • We analyze your building portfolio and its operational resources. With the power of data and strategic insight, we develop a roadmap to achieve tangible results. It’s a plan that’s unique to your business. It’s benchmarked to measurable KPIs and tied back to your operating figures.

Performance & Reliability Center and Services

Most engineers and reliability engineers are extremely busy; they just need help, and they just need answers.

Take your building operations to a higher level of efficiency. Our comprehensive building and system services combine on-site competence with data-enhanced expertise.

Take efficiency to the next level:

  • Your organization demands a lot. Your facilities have to deliver. That includes reaching higher levels of cost reduction, sustainability, performance and productivity every day. Our comprehensive Performance Services portfolio takes operations like yours to the next level. It addresses fire safety, security, HVAC, building automation systems and energy management.
  • Applying hands-on expertise and advanced analytics, we take a holistic approach to optimizing your equipment. We look at your technical systems, performance targets and business goals to find solutions that meet your unique needs. From cost reduction to raising the bar on energy efficiency, we’ve got you covered.

Our helps them get those answers with mature and simple predictive analytics and they can trust.

Located in our headquarter, the Performance and Reliability Team uses advanced analytics software, along with deep subject-matter expertise, to provide actionable diagnostic information on emerging equipment and process problems.

The currently monitors equipment globally for customers in several processes and industries the Lime Burning, Quicklime Hydration, Classification & Grinding industries, as well as Galvanization.

You have intelligent machines, and the advanced data-management, visualization, and analytics software, and the people trained to use it: combined, they allow you to handle all your Industrial Internet needs for collection and analysis of equipment and process data.

MOSIACO Performance & Reliability Services

The Customer Collaboration Portal provides cloud-based case management on the Web. It supports collaboration between the customer and the TEAM staff, organizing all diagnostic cases in one place, and provides a fleetwide view of assets.

The Center includes multi-language support, and it provides follow-the-sun services — global overlapping monitoring centers for better communication and real-time service.

  • Dedicated Diagnostic Engineering
  • Rules Customization
  • Demand Data Processing & Analysis
  • Periodic ReviewRemote Tuning

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DIG:ITA is an digital & IIoT powerhouse delivering the most complete solution for risk-free digital transformations.

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DIG:ITA is a digital & IIoT powerhouse delivering the most complete solution for risk-free digital transformations.