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In time-critical situations when SPARE PARTS are needed immediately SPARROW opens its partner warehouse for industrial producers. Because we know that in an emergency, every day counts. Be part of the digital transformation

Be safe in the case of an emergency — always the right spare part at hand

Minimum downtime and optimum use of staff and resources are key to long-term success in industry. But when a failure happens, it can bring the entire plant to a standstill in the worst case. Since even the best components will reach the end of their lifecycle sometime, SPARROW Spare Parts pooling form the essential basis for smooth operation.

Our goal is to bring SPARE PARTS into the digital age.

“Let’s face it, eventually a component on your system will need replaced. Whether it is a regularly scheduled consumable part, a part you should have on stand-by when commissioning the system, a critical spare to keep on hand to minimize down-time in case of failure, or just a replacement part, #SPARROW has you covered.”

We offer a complete stock of pay-per-use spare parts and components to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

SPARROW warehouses are world-wide located

Become a member

1 Activate your account contacting us at info@digita.work

2Share your actual stock of spares parts between the other members
to a activate you partnership.

3Check any spare part you needs and pay-per-use in the limit of your shared stock value.

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