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As a Digital Agency owner, getting your niche right is important, but it’s not even half the battle. After all, when you have a niche, you still have to figure out who within the company you need to contact.

Who you have to contact also determines the way you need to contact them.

Identifying your ideal customer persona is equally important for advertising (except, on Facebook, targeting religious and political industries have been made increasingly hard for ads, which makes your ideal customer persona all the more important to nail down).

There are several types of persona categories: Demographic and psychographic are the main ones.

Demographic factors relate to unchangeable (or hard to change) traits (age, location, etc.). Psychographic factors are the traits that really differ based on life choices (interests, lifestyle, social status, etc.) The only main unchangeable trait in Psychographic traits is personality (though that can sometimes change).

Demographics are physical in nature, and psychographic are mostly mental in nature.

There are several ways to create your Customer Persona.

We’ve created a template on Canva (access it here: that lets you edit it within Canva and save it, print it, etc. You’ll need to join our community (currently free) to get access to it.

Hubspot has a Persona Generator that asks you a lot of questions related to your persona (

Power Personas has a lifetime deal on AppSumo (as of June 5, 2023, when this article was published). You can get it here for $49 for lifetime (unlimited personas): (our affiliate link). It’s an AI generator for personas. You give them some information and they give you several categories for the persona (and a 10+ page printable PDF with more information than you’ll probably need about them).

No matter which way you go, know that your Ideal Customer Persona will likely change over time due to better targeting and industry changes.

If you need help with finding your niche, you can go back and read our article on Niche Selection 101:

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