Frequency and Content

I am asked numerous times “how often should I write an article or a blog post and what should I write about?” well if you’re like me you will rarely be stuck for something to write about but because I am on the lookout for things every minute of the day.

So where does my inspiration come from?

Here’s a not very extensive list, I love lists:

  • Other blog posts — now this might be a phrase or a link or maybe a word that will just spark something in me. If it does than I write it down
  • The world in general — I have a wide scope of information flowing in from the internet, books, contact with people, yes real people and a host of other ‘channels’ sometimes I do find it overwhelming so I cut back on some of them but on the whole I am always on the lookout for something to write about.
  • Before I even start it to type the idea has to be — relevant, good quality and easily digestible. There is nothing worse than reading something that is just too long or off the mark. Like most people I do tend to read post and articles on the move so it’s either my Nexus 5 or 7 that get the most use. Write posts for mobile and you won’t go wrong. Even if you have to split them and make a series out of them, better that than they ramble on.

It’s a short list I know but I only want to get you thinking about it at this stage. If you need inspiration on how to write blogs for mobiles then Seth Godin’s blog is worth checking out

Seth is the master of the relevant, short and succinct.

We all still have a lot to learn when it comes to writing and posting an article or post but when it comes to frequency I would say write often but only post when you have something of real quality and value to your readers. How do you know if its quality and valuable? How many comments and views you get is a great indicator but I still trust my intuition on whats good and whats bad.

Keep at it and don’t give up but most of all do what is comfortable to you and your readers.

Until next time…have a great day!

Keith McMean
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