Incentivise Any Website (and receive mass traffic) with Digital Artists Online

Want to increase your web traffic 10,000x?

Join us as a Digital Artists Online publisher and reward your users for visiting and spend time on your website (and we will send you MILLIONS of visitors monthly).

Reward your visitors in bitcoin for visiting and reading your website.

In a nutshell;

  1. Signup to use our free widget which turns ANY website into a bitcoin incentive site. You can reward your users for spending time on your site (in bitcoin).
  2. You control; which countries you want traffic from, how much you want to pay and how frequently (we give you guidelines).
  3. Your site is automatically included on our sites list and in our LIVE payouts feed and we can send you MILLIONS of website visitors!
  • X — Facebook Ads: Spend time learning facebook advertising and monitoring your ads campaigns.
  • ✔ — Digital Artists Online — Save time with easy control and setup.
  • X — Facebook Ads: Pay $1 per click or more, and HOPE that the user engages on your website or signs up.
  • ✔ — Digital Artists Online — Pay only for those users who are engaged and spending time on your site.
  • X — Facebook Ads: Pay for 1 click, get 1 click (who might just bounce off your website) and struggle to scale to “like audiences” or friends and family of the visitor.
  • ✔ — Digital Artists Online — Grow exponentially with our built in referral program — your most active users will recommend their friends and family and become ambassadors for your brand.


  • Traffic Generation: As a partner in our network your site AUTOMATICALLY gets listed in our sites lists and rankings and we can send you MILLIONS of visitors a day — lets face it, traffic generation is hard — you do what you’re good at; creating value giving and beautiful sites, and we’ll take care of the traffic for you (more on this below)
  • Massive Referral Earnings: You earn 25% of anyone you bring into the network. A visitor may join your website, but then browse their account dashboard (Or if anyone clicks on any site link from the live feed on your widget) and see all of the other sites (ranked by how much they payout) and if they visit other sites in our network then YOU earn 25% of their earnings.
  • Fraud Prevention: We have given away over 500 bitcoin, over a period of 2 years, we know every fraud trick in the book. We have fraud prevention and databases of bad traffic sources and IPs — you instantly get covered by this blanket so that fraud rates are minimal (they have been has high as 60% at time for us while we learnt this!)
  • Robot Prevention: Along with fraud, we block bots from claiming and also are strict with access through VPNs, or Tor access.
  • No Bitcoin Development Needed: Our widget is a simple html code snippet you can put on any webpage (or even wordpress sites). You don’t need to learn any blockchain code, or how to send out bitcoin payments, or how to prevent fraud. We do it all for you.
  • Automated Payouts: We pay out your users for you, each week. Your website visitors balances accumulate along with our whole portfolio of websites and your users are paid every week.

Any Site is Possible

Big or small, wordpress, html or Joomla, a simple faucet for a 1000 page site with multiple categories — you can become a Bitcoin Aliens partner and incentivise ANY site and receive MASS TRAFFIC.

Want to generate traffic to your wordpress site/blog ?

Our incentive widget is designed with wordpress in mind!

Check out our sample site — Game Of Weight Loss — it is a simple wordpress free content site with 30+ pages of written articles giving a free 1 month weight loss course — visitors can visit the site daily to get their day’s weight loss plan and claim an incentive reward at the same time.

Want to incentivise an existing, multi page website?

Ok so you want more than “just a 1 page incentive site” — maybe you already own a multi page site with tons of cool content on it you want to share with the world — perfect!

Check out our sample site — — there are 600+ books online, with 160,000 unique pages indexed in google — we installed our the DAO incentive widget and now visitors can browse any page, read full books online and get paid every 5–10 minutes. It was one simple code addition to the lower portion of every page.

Want a simple “incentive website”?

Sure that’s possible — our brand that started it all was the Bitcoin Aliens bitcoin faucet.

It was really simple, its some text on a page and every 5 minutes the user can click to claim a reward by killing an alien — it’s simple and fun and easy to use and there are a few adverts on the page we earn from to fund the incentives and re-invest in more traffic.

In the past, alien faucet has been as high as 9000 alexa rank (the 9,000th most popular website in the world). As we changed our focus it fell back to “only” 40,000th, but now, thanks to the new Digital Artists Online widget (with better fraud prevention) we are rising FAST again.

Want to get innovative? So do we…

If all you want to do is make a simple incentive then of course this is possible, see the above, but really this platform has been created so you can get more creative!

What do you really want to build? What niche are you passionate about? What website would you build if generating traffic was no problem (because it isn’t ;))…. So go and built it! And we will take care of the traffic for you.

The only limit is your imagination. You can build any type of website you want, and if you can monetize it then we take care of the traffic — to almost unlimited amounts.

  • Maybe you want to sell bitcoin trading advice and place bitcoin and altcoin price widgets on your free blog posts and research and send people to buy your ebook?
  • Maybe you have or want to make a website about your passion or hobby? We can send you an instant wave of traffic!
  • Maybe you want to make a game or games website and incentivise people to visit and play online? — Ok so one last mini case study — we made D’Alien Games to do exactly this.

Our Innovative Sites

D’Alien Games: Earn rewards for playing online flash games (I know it sounds too good to be true but just check it out and see, it’s real!)

[Dalien Games PIC]

Paid Books: Earn rewards for reading books (yes great books, even classics like Treasure Island or Pride and Prejudice).

[Paid Books PIC]

Blockchain Stats: Earn rewards while you check the latest bitcoin price and blockchain stats.

[Blockchain Stats PIC]