Using digital tools to make learning part of our work day

Next month we’re launching a new digital platform for our learning resources. But this isn’t just any old platform — it’s the world-class Workday Learning platform.

We’re dedicated to beating heartbreak forever and to do that we need to be at the top of our game. That means actively nurturing and developing our individual skills and bringing them together to create something powerful.

The Talent & Organisational Development Team (affectionately known as ‘TOD’ inside the BHF) have been working tirelessly to get Workday Learning live and offer our employees a seamless and engaging way to build their skills and knowledge. It’s a significant addition to our suite of digital tools that help us do more and do it better.

We’re lucky to work in an environment with a supportive and encouraging culture, but there’s one man who has been especially integral to this initiative.

Rian Neal is heading the project and has been living and breathing Workday Learning for well over a year. He described ‘getting the green light to build Workday Learning’ as the most memorable moment of his career.

As an organisation stretched across the width and breadth of the UK, we’re a very mobile workforce and having access to Workday Learning no matter where you are will empower every member of the BHF.

Workday will make it easy to undertake educational programmes online, but also make recording your development and booking workshops a breeze.

As a cloud-based platform, it will always have the latest features and functions, meaning it will continuously provide value to the BHF workforce and adapt alongside the organisation.

Workday also encourages employees to curate their own materials, which is possibly one of the most exciting aspects. We have untold skills, knowledge and experience across the BHF, and the ability to share this in a designated platform offers the potential to grow our culture of sharing even further.

Alongside this is the ability to comment on learning modules and submit feedback, which will help to create a community of practice that spans locations and teams.

Workday Learning is complimented by a range of other development opportunities, too. Let me introduce you to the wise and wonderful members of TOD…

Learning and Development Team

Jason Rassell heads the Learning & Development team, who design, deliver and evaluate the face to face learning that is delivered internally at the BHF, all in the aim of inspiring and empowering people to develop to their full potential. Charlee Hall, Lorraine King, Rachel Moore, Lorraine King, Emma Mercer and Angela Mappin are his amazing agents on the ground bringing workshops and opportunities to people across the BHF network.

Donna, Ashley and Sonam

Ashley Thomas, Sonam Taneja and Donna Trenholm are the terrific trio taking the Career & Leadership Development team in new and exciting directions. Together they help people develop their leadership and management skills and make sure we home-grow talent so we’ve got the right people in place ready to lead us well into the future. Our graduate and apprenticeship programmes are second-to-none and offer young talent fantastic opportunities.

Then there’s the Organisational Change team — aka Emily Gayler and Sarah Cousins — who facilitate and develop different ways of working that support employees in adapting to change and enable them to perform at their best. Getting Smarter Working and Workday embedded across the BHF has been a major area of their focus and really transformed the way we work.

Sarah and Emily

Julie Jones, head of Talent and OD, explains how all these different strands collaborate and complement each other: “Ultimately all of the teams in TOD aim to make the BHF a great place to work to help us beat heartbreak forever. We want to create positive experiences for you through sharing learning, developing great leadership, positive culture change and inspiring career development.”

Find out more about our career opportunities and current vacancies on our careers website.