How to Have More Time: 13 Time-Saving Tips

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Time is our most precious resource. It’s limited, much more important than money, and the only one we can’t ever get back. And that makes people crave it.

In the business world, it’s even more important. At some point you’ve stopped taking it for granted and reclaimed your time by starting to work for yourself. But that’s also not the answer if you want to make the most of each second. So that’s most business owners’ motivation to scale and outsource anything that can be delegated so that they can spend their time in the most efficient way — working on the business, not in it, spending time with family and friends, traveling, doing the stuff they love, and creating new businesses.

But it all comes down to time in the end. And if we get better at time management and build some productivity habits, we can save a lot of it. Here’s how:

Save Time in The Morning

  1. Get up earlier.

It’s important to wake up because you want to, not because you have to. And getting up and having a pleasant morning routine is a much less stressful start of the day than rushing out the door without finishing your coffee.

So start waking up an hour earlier than you currently do. And use this time to get mentally prepared for the day, to plan it out and see what needs to be done, to do some chores, get stuff ready for going out, and drink your coffee slowly.

2. Eat the same breakfast every day.

We waste a lot of time making daily decisions. One of them is deciding what to eat for each meal and preparing it.

But you can simplify the process by choosing something healthy and sticking to it every morning.

3. Prepare your clothes in the evening.

That too will save you from choosing what to wear.

Save Time While Working

4. Write down everything.

A to-do list will do, but often things pop up throughout the whole day. And you need to write them down immediately so that you don’t forget anything.

5. Take control of your inbox.

Most people have the bad habit of checking it all the time. And it not only wastes time but distracts them. So set some limits. Say you’ll do it just twice a day: once in the morning, as a part of your morning ritual, and once in the afternoon, after the most important work is done and you can get to calls and meetings.

6. Track your time.

Be it with a tool or just by writing down everything you do and how long it takes you, tracking is a powerful exercise.

Do it for a week and then get back to the results and analyze them. You’ll find out that some of the activities you spend too much time doing don’t really bring you progress and can be cut. Now’s the time to make some changes and remove some tasks from your list.

Then keep tracking and making adjustments.

7. Be a smart online user.

Don’t browse purposelessly. Stick to want matters. Unsubscribe from newsletters and follow the influencers in your industry. But don’t consume too much unnecessary information.

8. Choose less.

Sometimes we tend to think that our company needs more employees, bigger offices, new departments. Or we find ourselves taking up new projects all the time, expanding the vision, investing more in promotion, and so on.

But every now and then stop and ask yourself if all that’s necessary. Maybe your focus and money will be better spent doing something else. Don’t always choose more as it results in wasting your time in the future too. Be a minimalist and choose less.

9. Be protective of your most productive time.

First of all, find your most productive time. Then, cherish it.

Dedicate it only to focused work and make sure you don’t take calls or answer emails during it. Tell people not to bother you in this period and eliminate any other distractions that get in the way.

Once you’ve made the best use of the part of the day when you’re most productive, you’ll get a lot done in less time and will save some later in the day.

10. Delegate.

You can’t keep doing it all by yourself, although it sounds good.

So even if you’re delegating already, be aware of anything that doesn’t necessarily require your role and let others do it.

Save Time at Home

11. Have a place for everything.

Put everything in order and once you take something, get it back there. That will save you time and worries like not knowing where your keys are in the morning.

12. Get rid of excess belongings.

Minimalism is a great lifestyle choice as it lets you have more space, freedom and peace of mind, and less stress. And it’s all about eliminating the unnecessary.

Almost everyone has a lot of excess stuff at home that he hasn’t used in the last 6 months or so. If that’s you, you’ll have to be ruthless and get rid of it.

Donate, give to friends or throw away. But remove anything that isn’t used often and doesn’t need to be there. You may love it, but it needs to be cleaned and fixed, and takes space.

13. Multitask.

When you’re working, there’s rarely something more important than focusing on your current task and giving it your undivided attention. This way you know you’ll complete it properly and will be happy with the result.

But at home you can multitask. Get creative and think of how you can combine different chores and activities to save some time

Now that you know all that, what 3 changes can you make today to have more time from now on?

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