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AI is making humans more important than ever

The future will be defined by humans working hand-in-hand with AI, believes SAS data guru Dr Iain Brown

Humans won’t be in competition with robots for jobs

One topic was pervasive: job losses due to AI-driven automation. With recent headlines suggesting that multinational organisations are to “replace workers with robots”, widespread AI-induced unemployment was dismissed by those who actually work alongside the technology. While it’s positive that most participants believed AI would create more jobs than it replaced, there was little agreement on the duration, severity or consequences of job losses resulting from AI in the short term.

Humans must review decisions made by AI

Time and time again, the respondents reminded us that human creativity, insight and contextual awareness were key to making AI work. Technical executives in the C-suite told us how they ensured any autonomous processes were closely monitored and supervised by human employees. AI solutions with hidden internal workings weren’t worth the risk, due to a lack of transparency and explainability.

Computers didn’t replace us, neither will AI

Think for a moment about how many Uber drives you knew 10 years ago. How about social media managers or app developers? The world of work is changing at an exponential rate, as technology leads the way towards capabilities the previous generation would never have considered possible. Each generation, new technologies replace manual work in a new way; AI is the latest technology to take on that role. As such, AI won’t replace us. It will introduce a new working world in which our job roles are changed for the better.



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