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Cloud security is more advanced than ever, says McAfee’s Sekhar Sarukkai

Enterprise trust in the cloud is increasing — but what else can be gained from a cloud-native security approach? McAfee is a leader in this field and VP Sekhar Sarukkai tells Digital Bulletin why security should be an enabler for cloud adoption

“CIOs, CISOs, boards of directors; they are feeling more comfortable that cloud is secure”

“We knew CIOs were saying that this cloud thing was going to be real but the biggest problem they were facing was that they had no idea what cloud services would be used by businesses and employees — or what risk they were exposing the enterprise to,” explains Sarukkai.

“We truly want to use security as an enabler for cloud adoption, rather than an impediment on the road to adopting cloud”

Skyhigh Networks’ cloud security offering has now developed into the flagship McAfee MVISION, which offers data protection, a shield to cyberattacks and full security visibility and control across all IaaS, PaaS and SaaS clouds as well as devices, networks and on-premise environments.

“Traditional security investments had been around protecting your enterprise edge and your data centre edge. We thought you needed something like a virtual cloud edge; an edge around all the cloud services that your enterprise is using”

“For example, let’s say I’m an employee and I upload a file into the cloud and McAfee says there’s some account information inside. In the traditional world, what happens is an incident gets created, somebody in the data protection team has to review it manually and then release it. Co-option is about making the end user part of the solution.



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