How You Can Help Your Meetups for Free

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I’ve run Meetups on for more than 3 years, growing two separate meetups to over 400 new members. Meetups are not free, but those that manage a meetup are really excited to help like-minded people come together as well as grow a community.

Here are a few ways you can help at the next meetup or event you attend. Most of these ideas would also apply to any paid event or conference. Extra bonus points if the event is free and you can assist with one of the methods below.

Prior to the Meetup

  1. Invite friend(s)
  2. Spread the news about the meetup on social media, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat,
  3. Help set up at the beginning of the event

During the Meetup

  1. Help newbies to the meetup feel welcomed and encourage them to attend or participate in a future events
  2. Share photos, a quote or how useful or fun you found the event to be via social media, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat,
  3. Volunteer to be a speaker at a future event
  4. Connect your friends who you believe might be a potential speaker with the meetup organizer(s)
  5. Volunteer to help in planning future meetups
  6. Offer feedback to help improve the meetup(s) in the future

After the Meetup

  1. Help clean up
  2. Offer to help at a future event
  3. Continue to engage with the meetup’s social media posts after the event
Reverend Kyle showing that social media love

There are a lot of opportunities to help your local meetup and I am sure they would appreciate any of the items above.

Did I miss some other methods? Please share any ideas you have.

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