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Animation Is the Art and Craft of Exaggeration

distorting the reality to be more real

A drawn image of silhouette of a person’s head that is open and birds fly out from the head. The stairs lead to the head and a man is walking up to the head. The image is dark red and grey with the black city skyline as the backdrop.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The animation is to communications as the X-ray is to the doctor. It reveals hidden thoughts, flows and directions that can expand your understanding of reality — or act just as a good joke without the limitations of the human flesh.




I write about digital storytelling and digital transformation as I have experienced it during the last 30+ years in the business.

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Jussi Luukkonen

Jussi Luukkonen

I am like an optometrist: I help you better understand the world by giving you new lenses and beautiful mental frames.

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