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Automotive Tech Landscape — December 2016

During the Christmas down time week, I was able to dedicate several hours to composing the first ever, Future Drive Automotive Tech Landscape.

The exercise was super valuable for me to help wrap my head around the ecosystem — both incumbent players as well as the numerous notable startups that have burst onto the scene. In fact, one of the biggest challenges was figuring out where to draw the line in terms of what to include in the landscape and what to exclude.

For example, I left out a whole class of companies dedicated to Auto Insurance such as pay-per-mile insurance startup, Metromile. For this first landscape iteration, I chose to exclude this category, and other business model innovation categories such as ride-sharing, so that the landscape focuses more on core automotive tech centered around the vehicle itself.

I consider this first iteration to be exactly that, a first draft. Your feedback will make it even better. Do the categories make sense? Which companies am I missing? My goal is to continue to develop and update this landscape to be a useful resource for the Future Drive reader community.



Musings on Connected Car, Autonomous Driving, Electric Mobility, and related cloud technologies.

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