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George Hotz’s awesomely succinct presentation on comma.ai going open source with Comma Neo

Highly recommend watching this 15 minute presentation to gain a high-level understanding of how autopilot systems work.

Hotz wants comma.ai to be the “Android for self-driving cars”. While comma.ai only supports select Honda/Acura models, he is encouraging the developer community to contribute to the open-source project by implementing the autopilot system for additional models. The only constraint is that the car needs both lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise technology since it’s via those “APIs” that comma’s main brain controlsd both senses and acts.

My favorite bullet point from his talk was this:

Let’s change the safety conversation from legal threats to pull requests

Hotz’s point is that the job of lawyers and regulators is to identify reasons why something can’t work. In other words, they identify problems, but offer no solutions. So, rather than focusing on problems, Hotz encourages us to come up with solutions to those problems via improving the algorithms and submitting pull requests back to the open-source project. That’s how technology solves problems!

I am seriously tempted to lease an appropriately equipped ILX / Civic, build my own Comma Neo hardware kit, and try this!!



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