Adding Voice to Digital Storytelling! Anchor.FM

FOMO ALERT…. This week I stumbled upon a new app thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk blog post for the app called Anchor… (iOS only for now)

Think audio short bites that can be replied and shared to all social media networks or listened to on the browser, embed in a blog post like this one or consumed within the app directly.


This might sound like over dramatic but I challenge you to download the app on iOS and after walking through the steps that are clearly laid out and directed to you with crisp audio that you won’t have the same feeling! Screenshots below don’t do it justice!

Shocked How Much I Loved Audio Engagement As A Social Live Video Evangelist!

(You’ll see my passion as I explain it to my periscope audience below:

Testing Out UseCases!

Daily Show on Anchor updating my community about the events I have planned throughout the day so they can add them to their calendar and don’t have to chase me around or turn on notifications on every platform! (Name to be determined… if you have ideas reply to this Wave!)

My first Wave on Anchor with content that created the MIND BLOWING experience returning to the app listening to the first 11 reply’s and realizing that I was smiling and felt a feeling of connection & personalized bonding I hadn’t felt on any other app!

Tips for what Anchor can learn from Periscope in regards to notifications and lack of personalized control as well as accidentally stumbling upon cool features like controlling and liking what your listening to in the iOS control panel and ability to listen to shows in background while using other apps!

It is way to early to make any bold predictions or to try to compare it to the business and life changing impact Periscope has had on my clients and my career but after only 72 hours I can say the team at Anchor has turned me into an advocate!

See full blog post from Anchor here:

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