Change, Collaboration, Community: A Millennial Mindset

On this episode I focus on Change, Collaboration, Community otherwise known as my 3C’s and foundation for my upcoming book a Millennial Mindset. I had some amazing experiences over the last three weeks, from virtual reality to augmented reality to an emotional intelligence simulator but beyond the technology and innovation it was the people that I met, collaborated with and communities I became a part of that will have the biggest impact on me and my future. My focus is around each of the main components of a millennial mindset and explaining how it doesn’t matter what year you were born or where you live or what your resume says, when you realize EVERYTHING is really about the people!

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Breaking News:

Nobody likes to be sold too

Nobody likes to be marketed at

Nobody wants to be disrupted

EVERYBODY wants to create new experiences but experiences are far more than just an event.

“We must embrace a new reality where experiences are powered by technology not replaced by it!”

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It’s become sad that so many understand that “The future of business is community” yet for most speakers, brands and leaders they think community and collaboration happen once a week at an offline event or are something they can turn on when they need it and then ignore it the rest of the year.

I’ll be speaking about “A Millennial Mindset” at Marketo Nation Summit April 23rd -26th.

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