Influencer Marketing TRUTH exposed by Disney & PewDiePie

Influencer Marketing is growing in focus for brands but the INFLUENCERS as well as the BRANDS have so much to learn!

On this latest episode of FOMOFanz, I talk about the latest drama with PewDiePie & Disney as YouTube’s biggest star gets kicked and deserved it but Disney should get kicked too!

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Can’t fix stupid, Must establish trust in business today! With influencer marketing that trust must be between:

  • Brand to Influencer
  • Influencer to Brand
  • Influencer to Community

No one contract, brand or event is worth jeopardizing the trust and authenticity between the influencer and their community! Any brand who hires an influencer that expects them to change or any influencer that works with a brand that might jeopardize that authenticity with a community is destined to fail!

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