Amazon — pushing the price point

continuing the ecosystem change

Between -

  • legitimizing an independent crowdsourced review system,
  • allowing us to realize we can shop without seeing the physical object,
  • being okay with storing payment information online and
  • creating the VERY impulsive one-click-purchase-no-turning-back-now! button

Amazon completely re-framed E2E how we choose, pay, purchase, and receive our good. How far we have come as consumers that we now expect almost-instant gratification purchases with all the sizes and colour options, in one place, at our beck and call with a click on a button.

There was a headline sometime back that triggered this thought: “Problem for Bezos: Mall becoming cheaper than Amazon” — (for whatever reason, the title made me think that it was about how brick-and-mortar was becoming cheaper than running an e-commerce company).

It was a pricing article on how Amazon was getting outpriced by the likes of Bed Bath and Best Buy through couponing and price-matching. What I took away from this article was not the fact that traditional brick-and-mortar stores were out-pricing Amazon, but rather that Amazon continues to be that Gold Standard for pricing.

(Totally not problem for Bezos…)

We can price-match at any large big box retailer against a dot com site (amazon, newegg, you name it) and very likely* get the lower price AND instant gratification by walking out with the product (me, wait 2-days? Unacceptable!). The fact is, Price Match, Anywhere will become the norm. Price tags are rendered useless except to use as a haggling point – soon I can walk into any store show them the lowest price using some app that runs a scan for the lowest price across stores and get that price – no questions asked. Get my item and pay using another “one-click” app on my phone.

Yet another way Amazon will change how we buy and how big-box** sells.

*I say “very likely” because it usually is a process in itself for some stores and that’s even if they do allow price-match. To kick off the process, I’ve experienced may times where they have to find the right manager, prove that it’s a legitimate e-commerce site, check with store policy –> do they do price match for this item and is the site I used listed, what code should be entered into the register, so on and so forth… finally, 20 lost minutes later I can finally walk out with my item, with a lower price…and lost time.

**Big box because I don’t see how this will help small/local/mom-and-pop businesses. Nor do I expect them to follow this practice widely or anytime soon. Folks, support your local business and don’t forget to also shop small. :)