Store, track, use loyalty cards in one place..

Imagine being able to keep all of your drink/food loyalty paper cards in one place — that’s easier tracking, usage and more free things for you.

Ever sat down and realized you had 5 loyalty cards to the same place, only to realize that none of them were close to getting you that free-item-after-10-purchases? If you could combine them, you could get that free item…but that’s if you remember to keep the cards and bring them into the store.

Combined, these are worth about 2-3 free heroes…

Now imagine that scenario, but for 5 other stores (coffee shops, delis, bakeries, etc.). Typically mom-and-pop stores with business card-sized takeaways for customers. (True story: when I was moving out of my apt, I found 20+ loyalty cards to about only 4 different places, most were almost finished.)

Just a simple merchant-agnostic app to track all of your loyalty cards and for merchants to easily “punch out” and count that next sandwich you purchased towards your free sandwich. To reduce gaming, merchants would have to input their “merchant code”…or just scan it.

E-wallets like Lemon, Passbook, Google et al have similar capabilities to “store” these loyalty cards. But nothing where you can let you track your progress to that free 11th cup of coffee. Similar to the Starbucks “gold star”, but simpler and merchant agnostic.

This can help close the rewards-payment-transaction tracking loop, grow and encourage returning customers through reminders and clearer gamification. (As a bonus: reduce eco-waste in taking more cards because you misplaced yours in hopes that you will one-day find it and be able to combine them.. that is, if you remember.)

Note: I submitted this idea through the fancy new Assembly site. While it is pending approval, let me know your thoughts or if there is something similar! Leave a note, or comment here.