Crosswire 1. 10/2/17'

Now is as good as any moment to launch a humble newsletter collecting inspiration and remarkable ideas that have a digital spine. Crosswire has nothing to do with the Bible company that carries the same name, but wants to be a transversal collection of thoughts and lines that cross in the focus plane of media.

Why Snapchat Is the New TV — WSJ

Snap Inc. wants to be the next Facebook, but its messaging app gives millennials a ‘lean back’ experience that is more like watching television.

Shh. The television might hear us talking — Medium

In the US, the Federal Trade Commission is taking a look at privacy issues when it comes to “Smart TV” sets.

YouTube takes on Facebook with mobile live — USA Today

YouTube opens live mobile video streaming to “influencers” who make videos for YouTube, paying a share of the ad revenues, and will open it to everyone later in 2017.

NYT is chasing a younger base of subscribers with new Spotify bundle — Niemanlab

On Wednesday, The New York Times stepped outside journalism, announcing it was partnering with the streaming music service Spotify on a joint subscription offering.

Crowdsourcing news with Facebook live — Digiday

Newspublisher Attn is curating and implementing user-led live streams to cover events on Facebook live.

Axel Springer mobile news app Upday plots European expansion — Digiday

Upday, the news aggregator platform and subsidiary of Axel Springer, plans to be in 16 regions across Europe by the end of June, doubling its editorial staff from 25 to 50.

And a for those who think that the world is out of start-up ideas. Check this Start-up idea matrix!