Crosswire 2. 18/02/17'

After a first test and some constructive feedback, I’m back with a second version of crosswire. A transversal collection of news, initiatives and ideas that cross the boundaries of media.

Mark Zuckerberg writes a letter to the world: a plea for a global community.

For the past decade, Facebook has focused on connecting friends and families. Now they have a more ambitious goal, developing the social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community. According to the Facebook founder fake news, polarised views and “filter bubbles” are damaging “common understanding.


Facebook is launching an app for Apple TV and Amazon Fire.

Facebook is coming to your television. The social network on Tuesday announced a new app for set-top boxes, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and the Samsung Smart TV. The app will let you watch the same kinds of video you can already find on Facebook, but on a much larger screen.

Buzzfeed starts working on new TV shows.

NBC and BuzzFeed started working on a partnership to produce TV-style content. The first projects they are producing together is a documentary-style series.


Facebook is pushing record labels to let you soundtrack your videos.

How can Facebook and Instagram make their amateur videos more interesting than those you see on Twitter or Snapchat? A killer soundtrack. That’s why Facebook is now pressing record labels even harder for a licensing deal.


Australian Public Broadcaster relaunches fact check unit.

RMIT ABC Fact Check will research and publish Fact Checks, Fact Files and restart the Promise Tracker. Content will be published through the ABC’s digital platforms and a dedicated RMIT portal.

The Knight Foundation is launching an open call for ideas to counter misinformation.

To quickly respond to the growing concern over so-called fake news, Knight Foundation is launching an open call for ideas to counter misinformation and help quality journalism become a more trusted and visible resource at a time when trust in the news media has hit a low.

Local News Lab relaunches its site with new guides for local newsrooms.

The Lab will highlight and speak to journalists on the ground looking for inspiration, publishers who want to connect with the public, educators teaching new skills, and foundations’ staff interested in supporting local news.

How The New York Times Is Clawing Its Way Into the Future.

Great article about the transformation and the digital way forward of the The New York Times.


Best Buy is closing nearly half its Oculus VR demo stations, reportedly due to slow performance.

The pop-up installations, which let interested shoppers try out high-end virtual reality for free, reportedly went days without anyone requesting a demo, according to employees

Time Warner announces investment in AR market.

With 8i’s technology, users can not just view holograms, but they can also create new mixed-reality (MR) videos, combining the real-world (themselves and their surroundings) with holograms.

That’s all for this week. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Next week there will be a new crosswire. Do send me links if you have something to share!


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