Crosswire 3. 25/02/17'

Carnival is coming up, a period of madness. So I’m happy to bring some clarity (or even more confusion) with a batch of new links that cross the boundaries of media.


BBC iPlayer gets more personal. — BBC Mediacentre

BBC iPlayer is about to become more personal for connected TV viewers. People who sign-in to their BBC account on connected TVs will start to benefit from a growing number of personalised features such as the ability to resume watching an episode or series started on another device.


Amazon Alexa hits 10,000 skills. Now comes the hard part — Wired

Today, there are 10,000 skills available on Alexa. It’s an exponential increase since last summer, a rise that presents a host of new opportunities — and new challenges.


Facebook is approaching German publishers for Fake News partnerships…but meet resistance. — Spiegel

German article about the resistance of publishers in Germany against the proposed partnership of Facebook to fight Fake News.

News in Crisis. — Wired

An ongoing series of articles in Wired about the changing state of news media.


Snapchat’s IPO Presentation. — Snapchat

Snapchat is debuting on Wall Street. If you consider buying shares you better have a look at their IPO presentation. But it’s also a good read for anyone interested in Snapchat’s business & media model.

Facebook and Snapchat: metrics versus creation. — Ben Evans

Interesting analysis pointing out the differences between Facebook and Snapchat. One, pretty obviously, is that it’s a swing of a pendulum away from order and control towards fun and chaos. Another, that it’s a swing from passive consumption (‘I’m bored — what’s in the newsfeed?’) to creation (hence opening the app into the camera).


Knight Center’s free online course: Intro to Immersive Journalism. — Knight Center

A great free Mooc. In five weeks, you will learn how to prepare your first virtual reality and 360 video production.


Google’s new AI aims to end abusive online comments. — Perspective

Google launches ‘Perspective’ an API that makes it easier to host better conversations. The API uses machine learning models to score the perceived impact a comment might have on a conversation.

Amazon launches a new blog about their AI services. — Amazon

On this new AWS blog, Amazon will be covering visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, or translation AI with in-depth technical content, customer stories, and new feature announcements.


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