I plan on studying a baseball community forum focused on current events in the world of Major League Baseball on BaseballFever.com


This online community is composed of hundreds, maybe thousands, of avid baseball fans. There are multiple new threads posted each day which other users actively discuss about and add in their own opinions. Topics that are discussed in this forum range from the performances of certain players at any position to the most ridiculous records that were broken without anyone noticing or the rare occurrence of a perfect game. All of the users seem very appropriate and knowledgeable about the sport. I am currently waiting to be approved by the site administrator in order to start posting my own threads in the forum.

My research question for this online forum will be focused on what matters that people reply the most to and which posts pull the strongest, most emotional opinions from users. As I have browsed through the forum, there are many posts with thousands of replies and others with a few dozen replies. What makes these posts attract users?

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