Reading Reflection 4


The photograph was taken by me during my first week at Chicago, this picture really meant a lot also defined a perfect symbol for contemporary culture to my eyes.


I found this potrait online in one of the blogs that I follow, which describes what culture actually means in reality.


This was one of the illustrations that I came across on the site behance which illustrates how the world is getting digitalised though the time.


With the advancements in weeks in the class, I could relate to hackathon-events with the topics being taught and I happened to attend one of them recently and hence I tweeted about the same.


This was one of the picture I took back in my home country, for me it absolutely describes the authenicity of my hindu culture and hence this came up as my first tweet beacuse I wanted to start off with the culture that I belong to.


According to me, these were some of my best tweets throught the weeks of access, archiving and inventing the internet. I read through the readings provided such as Nakamura, Abbate and came around some of these observations which I tweeted about.

Below are some of the worst tweets, according to my judgement.


During the first week of the class, I should have used some more pictures that were clicked by me rather than collecting posters from the web which provided sense to the topics that we covered through the week.


I could have used something better to represent the punk subculture from the readings that were provided to us, rather than a graphic representation. I could have used some of the insides from the readings.


From the week of hacking, where we had to list down some of the advantages and disadvantages, this one was my absolute worst I believe. Beacuse this is one of the many ways to describe what a hacker does in reality rather than posting any pros/cons regarding the same.


Some of these represent my worst understanding of the weeks that I have tweeted about, I did go through the weeks readings thoroughly but I believe I couldn’t express myself to the best form. Those readings did reflect on my tweets, but i didn’t go through them well enough to express my thoughts into a resctricted amount of characters that one is permitted.

I could have done better by using more of pictures from my own camera-roll for the first few weeks and should have dig-deeper into the readings to come up with some out-of-the-box observations, that would’ve made it much more interesting piece of reading. I should have followed a particular routine, so as to tweet more often and efficiently along the weeks going parellely in the classroom.

In order to engage more in tweeting about the texts, we could have held twitter challenges in the classrooms like every alternate week for some portion of the class. We could have held more of peer review assesments, that turns out of real help. Also more of group assignments would have made some topics that were being covered easier to understand and implement.

Twitter is a popular social platform, using the hastag was a great idea, we could do more of activities on twitter, such as some group activities to follow some hashtag and retweet some of the best ones. Individual activities could have incuded making sort of a monologue on the readings that we covered through the class. We could have also screencasted some of the classroom ideas that were being discussed through the weeks, this could be carried out both as a group as well as an individual activity. We could also maintain a twitter score every week based on some curve that one is supposed to maintain.


I tweeted enough to cover the criteria assignment(5): 3

I was effective in presenting my understandings of the course materials(5): 4

My tweeting shows a progression of my understanding of digital culture(5): 4


My points:11