Tweeting Adventures in Digital Culture

I looked over my tweets today, and I found a good number of posts that really made me scratch my head. These bad tweets fell in a few categories:

Category 1: I stated the extremely obvious

Category 2: I didn’t make any sense

These two happen when I didn’t understand the text (be honest: how many people actually understood Haraway?), was unable to follow the discussions in class, didn’t know where to start at all, and just came up with something to tweet because the professor said we had to.

Category 3: I was trying to discuss ethical issues

The third was when we watched War Games. I think the movie disturbed me a little because it was showing obvious injustices and human stupidity. During my tweets, I tried to discuss the ethical and moral issues shown, which is outside the scope of the course.

Category 4: I was just being silly

One reason why half of my tweets were lame is because I do it early in the morning. As a commuter student, it takes me an hour to get from home to campus. To prevent me from forgetting to tweet, I decided to do my tweeting while I was on the train. But at 7 am, my poor brain is still fuzzy, so I sometimes tweet nonsensically.

On days when I’m not being so sleepy, I actually reflect on the course material and make some sense:

I understood more than half of the text and was able to gain some insights during class discussions, which I post on twitter in case I ever forget.

I think it is fairly obvious that my understanding of digital culture has progressed by taking this course. I am aware of how and why I use technology and learned to take advantage of different media to effectively bore my classmates with my knowledge. I hate writing normal papers now because I can’t add links conveniently like I can on Medium.

I regularly reply to other people’s tweets to request clarification and retweet to let them know I liked their posts. As someone who doesn’t really use social media very much, this is a relatively new experience for me. I sometimes tweet awkwardly and I never live tweet during class, because of that and because I have been educated that it is bad manners to be tapping on your phone when someone is talking.

In the future, live tweeting would be something to consider, since it is encouraged in this class. I could also consider doing more tweeting at other times, such as between class periods or during lunch break so I can better reflect on course materials.

I have done a fair amount of tweeting and I would say this course and my tweeting has been beneficial to my understanding of digital culture.


I tweeted enough to cover the criteria assignment: 5

I was effective in presenting my understandings of the course materials: 5

My tweeting shows a progression of my understanding of digital culture: 5

Total: 15