Growing up, I was a fanatic of Kids Choice Awards choice. I always wonder what was that green thing that would fall on the actors after they won a prize. At first it looked disgusted, because it was green and gooey, which made me think it was green boogers falling from the sky. However, for some reason getting Slime was something I wished occurred to me. Well Kids if you are like me now you could make slime in four simple steps. There are different ways of making slime. Most of the object that are needed to make slime are use on a daily basis. Dish soap. toothpaste, glue, salt, sugar, Oil, and flower are the most common ingredients. For those that do not have any idea was slime is a unique play material composed of a cross-linked polymer. It is classified as a liquid and is typically made by combining polyvinyl alcohol solutions with borate ions in a large mixing container. In other words, it is has similar features as clay but slime is gooey and clay is not. Many Videos that I found online require glue because that’s the most common form of borate that many people tend to use to make slime. However, I had to adjust to this and instead of using glue I use dish soap, which works perfectly fine. Also, you could use any brand of dish soap for this experiment. The Ingredients that you’re going to need are dish soap, a bowl, salt, and Colgate toothpaste. Toothpaste has the polyvinyl alcohol this is why it’s one of the most common ingredient that you could use. First you are going to put 8 ounces of the dish soap into the bowl. You are going to have to stir this for about two minutes with whatever object you wish. This object can be a spoon, Knife,Fork,pencil,Iphone,or hammer. The dish soap is going to add gooey aspect to the slime. If you have ever use dish soap then you know that the soap is a bit slippery and a gooey After you have stir then it’s time to apply the Colgate toothpaste into the bowl, now that you have the toothpaste inside the the bowl you have to stir both of them and make sure that they are properly mixed. The toothpaste is apply to give it that texture to the slime Next, you have to add a half of teaspoon of salt. This is added so that the component could be somewhat durable. Finally, you put the bowl in the freezer for an hour and you’re ready to use slime. After I attempt to do it. My slime didn’t come out the way I wanted to. The slime was too gooey. One of the reason is due to the amount of dish soap that I apply. Also, I forgot to stir just the dish soap. Now I know for the future that you don’t have to use a lot of slime instead you have to use a little so that could work perfectly.

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