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Just like we need regular checkups as human beings to stay healthy, websites need an SEO audit at least once every six months to stay ‘healthy’. An SEO healthy website will significantly impact a business’ discovery online.

SEO involves technical and creative measures put in place to improve ranking on search engines that will drive relevant traffic to a business’ site.

It’s this technical aspect of SEO that makes service providers like SEO Doctor relevant since we understand clearly what’s expected and what is to be done to boost a site’s SEO.

At SEO Doctor, our goal is to help businesses drive relevant traffic while being on the good graces of the search engines.


Before any work is done on a site we run an audit to diagnose the site of all SEO issues and errors that needs fixing.

We then generate a document of all the site’s issues with its SEO score and send it to the business. We’ve found over the years that the average SEO score is 55% and the most common issues facing sites are: links without titles, images without alt attributes, weak backlink activity and poor social presence.

After the diagnosis, a business has the choice of going for any of our SEO Packages.

SEO PACKAGES — On Page SEO and Off Page SEO Optimization

On Page Optimization

On-Page SEO is geared towards improving the core elements of a website and page rankings. Our services go beyond the usual fix this, fix that. Ranking in Google and other search engines can be a little complicated and so we follow the processes below to achieve the best results.

Our On-Page processes.

Research: We develop a deep understanding of your business, your goals and competition. Competitor analysis enables us understand your niche better, what your competitors are doing, and what needs to be improved on your site. It also informs us during our keyword research and finally what strategies to implement (individual plans) to boost your ranking and traffic.

Page Content: We look into your HTML and fix all the basic code issues. HTML is the underlying code used in creating web pages.

We’ll normally look at the following:

Anchor Tags: We make sure all your links (anchor tags) have titles. A link title affects how Google bots view your various web pages, how pages are mapped and also, the click behavior of users.

Image Tags: All image tags need appropriate and precise alt attributes. Search engines do not understand images or videos. Having alt attributes enable search engines understand the content of the image and index them properly.

Header Tags: Header tags enable search engines identify key sections of a webpage. We optimize your various pages with appropriate header tags to give search engines clues to what the pages are about.

Meta Tags: Meta title and description are HTML signal that search engines use to understand what a page is about. It also suggests to users a summary of what your web page is about. We write well-crafted meta title and description that help sell that page to the user in search engine results.

Structured Data: Structured data make it easy for search engines to understand the details of the page content and structure. We do data highlighting to make search engines better understand the structure of your product pages.


For Off-Page SEO, we look at building high quality backlinks to a business’ site through link building strategies which will help boost the site’s ranking. Links are very essential for ranking since search engines view them as votes. The more links from trusted sites linking back to a website the more the site gains authority to enable it rank higher in search results.

SEO Doctor’s link building strategies involves writing great content and publishing it on the business’ blog, reaching out to other blogs in the business’ niche area for guest post opportunities and using social bookmarking sites out there to further extend the link building.

We also make sure your site is free of duplicate content to put it on the good side of search engines.


To be accountable to the business, we provide regular reporting of ranking improvements so the business can be assured its investment is paying off. We monitor the business’ SEO campaign, closely tweaking it occasionally in order to achieve optimal results.


Our plans are carefully chosen so the average business can afford it. Our On-Page SEO plan is a flat rate of $200 while on the other hand our Off-Page SEO package comes in 3 tiers.

Off-Page SEO Packages.

Basic Plan: $299/Month for 3 Keywords, good for small businesses now starting out.

Starter Plan: $499/Month for 7 Keywords, good for growing businesses.

Growth Leader: $999/Month 15 Keywords, good for businesses trying to rank for more competitive keywords.

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