How not to use Pop Up on your online store

You would think that what the hell I am talk about where people are going crazy to use Pop Up on their site, while some of them are sharing stories that they have noticed X% increased after installing a pop up. But it’s true that a Pop Up would kill your conversions, yes it’s true. Think like this way if you land on an online store and after 3–5 seconds a pop up raised, what will you do ? The possibility is you will exit the pop up and you may also feel disgusted and leave the store. Yes exactly it is ! So a traditional Pop up is not good enough now a days.

So what should you do ?

You could ask that if you wouldn’t use a traditional Pop Up then what would you do ! Ok , I am not totally against using pop up on your site. I just want you to make a better use of that. A better use of that !? How ? Yes you should, you should put the pop up where it will work best. I would suggest you to use a pop up in your product page and set that as an exit intent pop up so that when anyone will try to leave the page they will get a pop up with a discount code and mostly it will convert. You can also use the pop up in your cart page as a upsell pop up that will also increase your revenue. Another great place to use pop up in your checkout page cause now a days every ecommerce store’s checkout abandoned has been increased, so you can try to avoid that situation.

Wheelio By Conversion Pirate is a great tools. Wheelio is a next generation pop up apps which will give your visitor a chance to win a deal. It’s really cool. You should try that. The apps is becoming popular day by day because of it’s uniqueness. I want to give a big thumbs to Karlo Bradica the man behind that idea.

Conclusion: Now a days pop up become a disturbing element so use that wisely while others treat that just a conversion boosting tool. Make your sales funnel spicy and increase your conversion. Happy Ecommerce!

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