Three unbeatable eCommerce techniques that boost up sales

Running an online business is very hard and it’s getting harder when you don’t follow any marketing strategy for your business. So you are running an eCommerce business now you want more sales? Your answer is “Of course I want”. That’s why we put together some unbeatable marketing techniques. You are wondering how this article can help grow my sales? And you are also thinking how you will grow more sales with this article? Don’t worry we come with some unbeatable idea which is really effective and unique.

Note: Implement one of these techniques every single days and take record of the improvement and see which will work best for you. Actually it’s depend on audience and geography. So let’s enjoy the journey and get ready for getting new visitors and get some more sales.

Let’s Do Contextual Marketing

You wonder what is Contextual Marketing is? Okay, Here is the answer. Contextual marketing is a kind of internet marketing that provide targeted advertising service based on user information. Like what they search for what they interested for and what’s they engage for. The main goal of contextual marketing is show them relevant ads based on their interest. Like if someone searched sometimes ago for a T-shirt and after sometimes he surfing his favorite magazine site and the site showing up some t-shirt ads. The person already thinking of for buy a t-shirt and click on the ad and checkout some cool t-shirt.

Why I should use Contextual Marketing?

Contextual marketing is one of the best marketing strategy that help boost sales quickly than any other marketing plan.Through contextual marketing strategy you can leverage the insights for better understand your audience and you can take effective actions for that. Here are some focal point for use contextual marketing.

  • You could target those who is interested with your product niche
  • It’s fit for every device and it could be device driven marketing strategy if you do that correctly
  • It’s fit on customer’s lifestyle that may help you to sale your products among them who is already searching for your products
  • It’s use customer’s locations,device and interest so you can target your audience more effectively

Increase Sales by Up-Selling your Product

Upsell is a sales techniques where sellers offer their customers to buy more products from the same or different category. Like some one orders a Pizza and he/she asked by the waiter for taking a Coca-Cola,in an attempt to get him/her to buy that Coca-Cola. Another most popular upselling techniques in our real life is when someone goes for fuel in a Fuel-Station and asked for car wash after purchase the Fuel at the fuel-station.

Here are some Sentences for up-selling your products

  • “You may also like”
  • “Stuff you need”
  • “Recommend For You”
  • “Who bought ‘A’ also bought ‘B’. “
  • “Stuff you may need”
  • “Complete your look”
  • “Hot Products”

Here are some examples of Products Up-Selling

Take a look at how apple trying to up-sell their products. Basically every options in green marked below is showing the effort by Apple to convince people to switch people to upgrade their iPad versions and it’s also trying to push people to buy their other products like accessories

[caption id=”attachment_14241" align=”aligncenter” width=”764"]

How Apple upselling their products

How Apple upselling their products[/caption]

Here is an another example from amazon. Take a look at the picture that green marked area shows that how amazon upselling those products when I was viewing the sweet pant. Actually that’s way they can get over 60% upsell when someone buy their products. It’s really seductive. The main goal of up-selling is seduce customers to buy more.

How amazon upselling their products

Implement Products Review on your store

Almost every merchant of eCommerce is run after for more sales,but a few of them do that right way. Most of the eCommerce entrepreneurs underestimate products review system but it’s the best way to achieve search engine ranking as well as getting trust of customers. Almost every online consumers want to see products and website review before purchasing any products that’s why big companies like Amazon , Ebay,Etsy using products review. You will be surprised if you know that over 50% customers even say that they shouldn’t buy an electronics product before reading any online products review. Even review is the most important thing now a days cause there absence of ‘test’ or ‘trial’ any product. Though it’s not mean you will get a great sales volume cause you have great Products Review and Website Review on your store but the lack of product review system typically tells visitors one of two things

  • This store doesn’t sell enough to get any review.
  • This store is not confident enough to allow customers to review their products
eCommerce development

The existence of positives reviews,mixed with a little to no negatives reviews also raise the flag that this store is moderating reviews and purposefully disapproving every single negative reviews.

No matter how big or how small is your store it’s very important to get products and site/store review, cause a products reviews are best user generated content that will make your business more trust worthy to Google’s eyes.

Conclusion: Use any of these strategies and take record of performances,engagements of your stores with that specific strategy and then apply a new one and find that which is working better for you. If you have any questions write that on comment section and we would love to answer those. Happy eCommerce !

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