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Common marketing challenges most businesses face

The most crucial matter for companies today is their ability to quickly adapt to new conditions and assess what’s working and what’s not.

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Main marketing challenges businesses face

Resource shortages

  • Quality talent
  • Time
  • Money

Bridging the tech gap

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Making full use of your data

  1. Define the customer journey and user touchpoints
  2. Define data sources (website, advertising services, email, call tracking services, CRM system, etc.)
  3. Collect data in one place (for example, Google BigQuery)
  4. Process and normalize data (single format, single structure, etc.)
  5. Blend data to be ready for reporting (using OWOX BI)
  6. Build reports and enjoy insights
  • having access to up-to-date, quality data they can trust
  • being able to generate ready-made marketing reports without the help of analysts, developers, or SQL knowledge
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Keeping up with trends and technology

  • partnering with a digital agency
  • choosing among flexible services that quickly adapt to changes

Key takeaways



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