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How should governments prepare for the metaverse?

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Strategic futures group

Governments may consider setting up a strategic futures group to systematically track the risks and opportunities that emerging immersive technologies represent in the near, medium, and long term. Singapore, for example, has established a Center for Strategic Futures that is anchored in the office of the Prime Minister.

Virtual department of tech horizons

Given the wide-ranging implications of a metaverse, governments may need to take a whole-of-government approach to prepare for the disruption that it would entail. A virtual, department of technology horizons with representatives from the government, academia, and the private sector could be considered. The United Arab Emirates has, for example, established a virtual Ministry of Possibilities to bring agility and cut across governmental silos.

National digital twins strategy

Preparing for the metaverse also presents an opportunity to future-proof the skills of the workforce. A national digital twins strategy that engages millions of individual content creators to map the real world would develop skills and make it easier to prepare for emerging immersive technologies.

Anticipatory regulation

Given the complex regulatory issues that a metaverse would present, governments could consider establishing a cross-cutting group on anticipatory regulation. This group could commission research on the regulation that would become necessary and collaborate with the private sector (e.g., the XR Consortium) to explore regulatory approaches for a metaverse.



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Randeep Sudan

Founder of Multiverz, a tech company in Singapore. Interested in strategic futures and digital strategy. Former policymaker and World Bank Practice Manager.