Luxembourg Tells A Different Story About Pompeo’s Canceled Visit

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo canceled his last trip abroad, citing the need to ensure a “smooth and orderly transition.” Luxembourg tells a different story.

E. Rosalie
Jan 13 · 4 min read

A Smooth and Orderly Story

Earlier the Washington Post reported,Secretary of State Mike Pompeo canceled his final trip abroad as the nation’s top diplomat on Tuesday, citing the need to ensure a “smooth and orderly transition process” over the next eight days.

Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister recently described Donald Trump as a “criminal,” though Luxembourg is not alone in that. European countries, along with several located in other regions of the world, have reported on the attack as a coup d’etat. For other countries to speak so forcefully and explicitly about the United States says something about how the country’s standing has taken a dive.

It’s a strange time to make the change given that the attack on our capitol happened nearly a week ago and Pompeo’s aides were already on the ground. Luxembourg has also addressed the canceled meeting but the explanation is decidedly different.

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Given the wealth of warning about what was coming, people who were openly discussing finalizing their wills and saying goodbye to their families, the unpreparedness of the security in Washington DC has drawn strong criticism.

The FBI put out a warning to expect “war,” but what was left between a crowd intent on hanging officials and our heads of state, was a sparse force of capital police who were badly injured as a result.

FBI clarified that the charges will include seditious conspiracy. That seems appropriate given that insurrectionists constructed gallows outside, while people chanted “Hang Mike Pence” as they entered the capitol. Materials needed to take hostages were among the materials of the people that breached the building. IEDs were found, Molotov cocktails, AK-style weapons, bear mace, and armor. The crowd returned the police’s mace.

Sample of the sea of messages available to the federal government ahead of the attack:

Georgia Republican urging the President to stop because he feared someone would be killed.

As is well known now, one police officer was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher, others were beaten with lead pipes, and some nearly crushed to death. Governor Hogan of Maryland has spoken openly that he was prepared to come to their aid and the White House response was extremely delayed. Given that our heads of state were in danger, a swift response was expected, but it took three hours. Had it taken much longer, it’s likely the Capitol scene would have been a massacre.

The FBI stated that “when the stories come out, people will be shocked.” A full account of what took place will be forthcoming from NOVEL SCIENCE based on the report drafted to inform Congress.

Returning to the Cancelled Trip to Luxembourg

In the US we are likely to see more restraint because of the politically delicate situation, but it’s unlikely we will see such restraint elsewhere. Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister said in a comment to his top :

“Trump is a criminal, a political arsonist who should be heard in court.”

When Pompeo asked if the Foreign Minister wanted to confirm or reconsider his statement, the minister said, “I stand by my statements.” Pompeo canceled and told the United States it was to assure a smooth transition.

The top Luxembourg paper continued saying, “Although (Trump) was democratically elected in 2016, he has nothing to do with democracy.” This comes after a year of embarrassing pandemic response. Especially regarding the wealth of resources and knowledge at the federal government’s disposal, the performance has drawn everything from indifference to pity. It’s unclear why the account given by the federal government conflicts with Luxembourg’s. The White House has yet to comment.

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E. Rosalie

Written by

Public health biologist studying at Johns Hopkins | Science writer & artist | Views reflect me alone | Subscribe @

Digital Diplomacy

Technology, digital, and innovation, at the intersection with government and foreign policy

E. Rosalie

Written by

Public health biologist studying at Johns Hopkins | Science writer & artist | Views reflect me alone | Subscribe @

Digital Diplomacy

Technology, digital, and innovation, at the intersection with government and foreign policy

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