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Socializing Outside The Screen — How It Can Change You For The Better

It’s hard to deny the fact that social media is now a part of all your experiences — personal and public. Do you see many people socializing outside the screen like before? Mobile phones can be seen in the hands of kids aged 2 to people aged over 90.

You’ve all heard and ignored the harm it can cause to your lives and the lives of your children by the radiation that it emits. But a life without social media can be difficult because all information around the world and everything that you need is just one tap away. Or is it?

Cutting the connection

If you feel like your use of social media is going way overboard and that you need to get away from it to bring down the pace in life, then it is better you take a few days of social media detox. Social media detox is basically silencing that cheerful yet addictive notification chime and switching off your phone so that social media is out of your reach.

Now, you may think that this would mean a complete cut off from the outside world but it’s not. No one’s locking you in a room. Socializing outside the screen is a pragmatic approach. The door is open. Go outside. Try talking to people without waiting for the typing bubble to pop up. For once, go to a restaurant with your friends and experience how satisfying it is to eat your food without fumbling to click a picture of it. Look after your fitness rather than scrolling through fat-to-fit journeys. Your mental health will reap profits too!

Most people would find the idea of such a thing horrifying and would probably start hyperventilating at the idea of not staring into a screen 24×7- those are exactly the kind of people that really need to detox social media. Life has so much more to it than posting and snapping. It is so much more satisfying to pet a dog at a park than sit at home and take a selfie with a dog filter. It is so much more breath-taking, witnessing a sunset through your eyes than witnessing it through the camera screen. It is so much more amazing to be in the moment than watching a video of it on screen.

The good of it all

Social media detox helps you realise that your life is not confined to your profile picture. You can tap away on your phone and have everything you want but that would just make life monotonous and depressing. By detoxifying social media, you’ll become healthier in body and heart. Your mind will be free of worrying about a text or a reply or the caption you need to give. Your eyes will be open to the beauty of the simplest things that you failed to notice while you tried to get the most number of likes for your pictures. Social media detox is an effective way to free you from the clutches of the internet. Going to a library to get information instead of searching it on Google can be a very mindful experience.

So, let that whole social media identity down and start socializing outside the screen and be the person you really are. You’ll be surprised at how much you feel changed and confident more than before.



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