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Photo by @deko_it from Iceland.

What is Sustainable Artificial Intelligence?

Exploring different ways to approach sustainability in the field of artificial intelligence

Futures, goals and indicators

Sustainable AI and the sustainability of AI

“I propose a definition of Sustainable AI; Sustainable AI is a movement to foster change in the entire lifecycle of AI products (i.e. idea generation, training, re-tuning, implementation, governance) towards greater ecological integrity and social justice.”

From: Sustainable AI: AI for sustainability and the sustainability of AI

“In short, the AI which is being proposed to power our society cannot, through its development and use, make our society unsustainable”

GIF by Florent Tailhades

Power and inequalities

Cartoon by XKCD

Climate crisis and computational efficiency

Interdisciplinary collaboration and education

If you quantify actions in a society does it mean you can change it for the better?

Governance of AI for sustainability

What is sustained?



Tech, digital, and innovation, at the intersection with policy, government, and social good.

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