Why is Social Engineering a Critical Aspect in Cybersecurity?

An interview with cybersecurity expert Ted Harrington.

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* by Maya Plentz

The Twitter hack of mid-July brought to light the need to increase security awareness training for employees. Social engineering is one of the main causes of cybersecurity breaches, and phishing the number one method used to compromise an organization’s network systems.

Ted Harrington

This week we interviewed Ted Harrington, Executive Partner at the cybersecurity firm Independent Security Evaluators, to speak about his career, what keeps him awake at night, and what makes him get up in the mornings.

We also spoke about the Twitter hack, social engineering training, and how the entertainment industry can portray human behavior and cybersecurity, and which movies or series have the most realistic takes and are based in real life cases. Mr. Robot took the winning prize.

His company was the first cybersecurity firm to hack the iPhone. He is currently writing a book, to be released in December 2020. It will address apps and IoT security challenges, guidance on how to address vulnerabilities, and the state-of-the-art on penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, you can pre-order it at hackablebook.com.

Ted Harrington

Harrington is an engaging speaker on matters of cybersecurity. You can visit his website to book him for your conferences and seminars here.

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