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My week in music…….

Monday — What?! Did we have a weekend? Who am I, and what am I doing?

Had a great project meeting with our fab working group made up of lots of different experts across the business who all work brilliantly together and I am really enjoying working with this bunch of lovely, proactive people!

Tuesday — lots of challenges today and had to stand firm on a decision that I felt strongly about, but it was the right decision for the business and the project.

Wednesday — More process mapping and unpicking of As-Is processes, it was a busy day and a productive one with minimal meetings — bonus!

Thursday — I took the day off — nothing more to say!

I did some coaching with one of my lovely coachees and had a further session of mapping with some lovely subject matter experts from the business and it feels like I am making good progress with my work.

I’m looking forward to next week and continuing to make great connections, until next time……..



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Vicky Mears

Service Designer for Dorset Council. Passionate about people, culture and tech. Over enthusiastic lover of pineapples and leopard print.