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Slang — notes

As part of my #weeknotechallenge I have decided to challenge myself to doing a different style of weeknotes every week.

I’m now on my 15th, it feels like i have been doing this for a while but also not long at all…

The other 14 are linked below:

‘Traditional’ Weeknotes , Gif-Notes , Sketch-Notes, Shanty-Notes, Week-quotes, Animal Crossing — Notes , Poster — Notes, Haiku — notes, Achievement — notes, Hanami — notes, Meme — notes, Retro — notes, Comic — notes, Story — notes

This week is…

(you’ve seen the title and image you know this)

The idea for this weeknote came out of a joke in a Team Coffee break about Urban Dictionary. I got my onenote open and channeled my inner Steve Rogers and thought…

And its finally been chosen on my #weeknotechallenge list!


is a unique slang term that basically means day off.

Because the Platypus creation is the result of God taking a day off!

Since Monday was a bank holiday there is not much to talk about…


I had a first session with my new Mentee this week and it’s great to start getting back into this after a month of mentoring drought.

This Slang term is something i quite like (Friend+Mentor) and it’s a nice aspiration for working as #oneteam.

Good thinking Batman:

This is a common phrase that is a different way of saying ‘Good idea’ so i thought it was a nice way to walk about the preparation for the Festival of the future 21.

We have been collected ideas from all over to help us form the new sessions and activities for this year’s event. Some really amazing ideas so far, let’s hope for more!


Is when you have a lot of work to do on spreadsheets and that has been something i have been doing a lot this week. Stick on some music and analysis data.

I even learnt some new excel tricks!

All about the data data data.

Too Many Bananas:

This is a cool phrase that means too much on the plate (not sure why its bananas)

This week also felt like i had 5 days of work but because of the bank holiday only 4 days to do it! I have kept on top of it all other then maybe my Inbox…Sorry

Right that’s enough out of me, don’t want to create one of these War and Peace notes I’ve seen before…

See you next week!

Sam out.



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