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Weeknotes: week 21

Catching up

Making probation

Well, I passed my probation. Which was nice. I mean, I didn’t manage to kill anyone, cause any fires or wipe our CMS so I figured I was probably OK. But it’s good to just see it written down. And I didn’t have to wear an ankle monitor either.

Getting to grips with our migration

Last week I went through a bit of a revelation with our progress on sprint planning and decided to move us from pure Agile to cracking on with some actual tasks. Going through user stories was useful in ensuring we were aiming for the right things, but it left the team a bit disengaged and confused. They (and I) seem to be much happier and engaged just doing.

Using patterns

Gromit is all for employing reusable components

Settling in to working from home

The anniversary of remote working has prompted a number of blog posts about people’s experiences (including a really positive one from our corporate director). But recently I’ve been dealing with the flipside; this isn’t going away anytime soon, and we’ve been working on temporary arrangements for too long.

And finally…

Some other things that happened this week:

  • More Dorset weeknoters have joined the cause, with Debs our corporate Director and Glen our ICT Ops Manager. A couple of my team have also started publishing weeknotes internally as a first step, and Claire published a killer follow-up post on content design.
  • We’ve been doing homework as part of our shift to Product Ownership, with SWOT analysis of the skills we have/need for the full product area. It’s starting to reveal some interesting stuff
  • First vaccine jab now out of the way, but I made a stupid decision to cycle to the appointment 14km away, along a muddy forest track and dealing with a road diversion.



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