Small Business? 4 Reasons to Outsource your Social Media Marketing

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to tell you that social media has become part of a marketer’s basic toolkit when it comes to promoting content and building a company’s online brand presence. But only 54% of UK small business owners are confident that their business’s online presence is doing the job it’s supposed to.

Whether you’re a small business who believes in its value or not, your best bet is to make sure you’ve got that digital comms channel covered, and on a long-term basis. Social media is a vital part of building a business brand’s visibility levels, and it’s a notable component of your inbound marketing ‘kit’. According to fairly recent research, 85% of small businesses reported encountering challenges when it comes to trying to market their business on social.

Social media management is simple though, right?

Erm, actually no. Not as simple as it may first appear — if you want to do it properly. There’s actually quite a bit of detail lying behind this medium. That’s why there are so many apps and pieces of software (varying between super helpful to super useless) dedicated to formulating, scheduling and managing this stuff. You also need to add a dose of good old-fashioned ‘gut instinct’, an appreciation of the nuances between different platforms, and the discipline of learning what doesn’t work and what does — through measurement and analysis.

Also, what’s your overall strategy when it comes to using this type of platform?

Is it to get your brand noticed? Are you trying to push a specific service? Convey a particular message? Push your content?

Maybe all four of these?

Whatever you’re trying to achieve, you need to put some regular time aside to put the right drive and power behind it. Drive and power you may be using for other marketing tasks — because that’s the priority in your world. That’s ok though, because that’s what people like me are here for (there ends the salesy bit).

Social media is a slow burner

It can take time to capture and then keep your audience engaged, in most cases by giving them something of value — whether it’s insight, an offer code, or a free, downloadable toolkit.

The effective utilisation of this channel can ensure that, at some point, your audience will actually remember you when they need a service / product just like the one you offer. You are, in effect, trying to build a long-term relationship with them.

With all this in mind, let’s take a quick gander at how a small business might benefit from having a dedicated freelance resource looking at all of this.

4 reasons to outsource your social media management:


You might not have the right resource in-house. Maybe you don’t have a marketing team, or if you do, you may only have a couple of bodies in that team — and you need them to work on other things. Whatever the case, this particular channel is a usually one of the first casualties of being stuck in this kind of bind. Outsourcing this part of your digital marketing strategy can instantly alleviate the burden of having to look after all the associated maintenance that comes with it.


With the average wage for a social media manager ranging between about £25k and £35k p.a, it’s no wonder that many marketing functions / small businesses choose to omit hiring a dedicated resource to manage their social channels.

Hiring a freelancer enables a small business to benefit from paying comparatively less for just as much expertise. We’re also cheaper than hiring an agency bod.

And, even though we’re not from a sparkly agency, many digital freelancers will likely have social media management experience spanning a number of years — across different sectors and industries. This means they’re more than likely to know what will work for your audience — and what won’t — in terms of timing, offering value, topics, keyword phrases, and tone of voice.


Maybe the array of tools you have to hand (software / quality of content / resource / ability (maybe even another freelancer you’re paying)) just aren’t delivering the results you’re expecting — and at the speed you’re hoping for. Someone in your C-Suite / one of the senior execs in your business may have noticed that you’re not gaining much traction, or perhaps they have forgotten about it altogether because they’re just not seeing any results.

Alternatively, maybe you’re not getting the backing of your senior colleagues in putting their money where their mouth is, and investing in training to upskill your team / you.

Some help from outside ensures that all of your posts are fashioned in such a way that they make the most impact possible — i.e. ‘optimised’. Whether it’s making sure they include hashtags (some businesses still lack basic understanding of this concept, for example), including an attention-grabbing image, or just plain making-sure-you-don’t-come-across-as-amateurs — little touches* can make all the difference between really standing out against the competition on your audience members’ newsfeed, or fading into the background.

*This also rings true when it comes to making the most of your colleagues’ profiles on platforms like LinkedIn — a blog on this very topic, here.


Maybe managing social just isn’t anyone’s speciality where you work — not all marketers like handling social.

Like the other components of digital marketing (SEO, content, etc etc), this is a craft of sorts, and you also need a certain enthusiasm to ‘keep on keeping on’ with it — it can be tedious.

I’ve been close to businesses who basically give it a lot of welly for a few weeks, go through a long, cold patch of NOTHING, and then suddenly remember they should probably post something. It really needs to be kept on top of day-to-day, and week-to-week in order to see the best results. In addition, take the constant new features and enhancements platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook see on a regular basis — someone needs to be consistently in-the-know about all this stuff so that you’re making the most of any new features / modules. Behind staying on top of all this is the willingness and enthusiasm to stay on top of all of this.


There may come a point where it’s time to admit you need some extra help, and hiring a digital freelancer who specialises in social media management paves the way to your business reaping the benefits of having all your posts properly processed, fully optimised and effectively monitored.

Hiring a dedicated, reliable resource allows this particular channel to get some dedicated power and control behind it.

Wait for it…. I am one of those reliable resources. Contact me here.