10 things I learned from my time in Hyper Island Manchester

Our 6 months intense course has ended in Hyper Island. The course alone combined with the relations I developed here, and a drasticly different lifestyle in the UK from Indonesia had marked such a transformational journey for me both as a person and as a creative. Mind you, entering my last year of my 20’s it is dramatic as it comes. Whether its future endeavours, team work, jobs, personal life — my perspective on life has completely changed. So these are my main learnings:

1. Any decision is the right decision.

2. Following your heart’s desire is not a crime. Not being mindful of others is.

3. Don’t chase the ball to hard, sometimes you just need to ‘float’ and let it come to you. *credit to Tash Willcocks

4. Be present. Never say things like “Well back when I was a… uhhh” because even though you are smart and experienced, you will make yourself sound like a douche.

5. If you don’t want it enough, you will always make excuses.

6. Good communication requires good timing and good tone of voice.

7. The best feeling is letting go of what you want and accepting what you need.

8. Everybody is on the same boat, just different sizes.

9. Forget fashion, prioritize the comfort of being you. Because winter arrives in Manchester and who cares? No one!

10. Do whatever you want — just don’t be an asshole. Just. Don’t.