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It’s not as glamorous as it sounds

I was getting ready to give a speech, and when I got to the portion about me, I mentioned my main activities (60% of them were non-monetary), but I was startled to learn that I earned well from seven different sources.

Ironically, I don’t believe I am as financially successful as this list portrays me to be. In reality, I think my income is modest. Anyway, these are the seven ways I earn a living:

1. Salary earner

Yes! I work a "9–5,” where my employer pays me a net salary “commensurate with my level of work” monthly.

Earning a salary is humbling for me. It is the most consistent income I have, and it has taught me a lot about prudence and living on a budget.

2. Books

I have an e-published novel, “The 7th Floor,” that is self-generating. It is published on two major selling sites. It’s easy for customers to pay and download them while the money settles in my bank account.

However, I don’t count most of the money I make from my book as mine. 60% of the proceeds from the sale of my book are donated to a global initiative that will support digital and financial education in Nigeria.

When you buy a copy or copies, you support this initiative.

3. Online Courses

I have recorded a number of paid courses on personal finance, alongside a wealth creators workshop. I created these courses for people who always slide into my DMs asking, “How do I start as an investor?” “How can I start making money?” “Which platform is safe for investing?”, etc.

These courses and workshop webinars are rich in the experiences of financial professionals and investors. I love making courses that guide people toward building wealth, and I love making money from them too.

PS: “The beginner investor course will be going for N7,500 starting June 30th, 2023.” Hurry and purchase yours now.

4. Writing, Consulting, and Management

There are a few customers who come to me to create digital content, business plans, and financial plans for their businesses and even personal finances. I make special plans for these guys.

They are my high-net-worth customers. I charge as much as N150,000 per session. This consumes me mentally and physically, as individuals and businesses vary per financial goals, industry, budget, customer base, etc.

So, I have to prepare personalized, curtailed plans. I love this source of income because it is my most challenging; it keeps me on my toes and makes me research a lot, which builds my knowledge.

I don’t get high-net-worth customers frequently. They could be two or three in a year.

On weekends, I offer a free 45-minute money therapy session. You can book a session here.

5. Investing

Yes, I’m that investor. I started investing properly in 2019 with N1,000. Today, I have over N500,000 worth of investments.

I earn through dividends, interest, and capital gains. Although I have had losses in my investing journey, a well-diversified investment portfolio has covered me well.

My courses have a full expository of how I started and how I’m building wealth through investing.

Ps: Wealth does not have an absolute look, the more you build the wealthier you become.

6. Merch Shirt

This is a new and developing outfit. A collection of Christian prophetic words on T-shirts.

As a Christian, I’m creating a business around the expression of my faith. I sell beautiful t-shirts with powerful words for believers to proclaim and win many for Christ.

It’s still a work in progress; however, it’s up for pre-sale. And it comes with beautiful free stickers.

7. Fan love, tips, and gifts

There are people who love to bless me, whether monetarily, resourcefully, or otherwise. I get these more frequently as the days go by; that’s why I have considered them a stream of income of their own.

There you have it: the 7 ways I’m building wealth.

Please note, I’m sharing this to encourage people to find good ways to build multiple streams of income. Building income streams is great. When the bough breaks, what will you lean on?

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This is it!

“Be alert and guard your heart from greed and from always wishing for what you don’t have. For your life can never be measured by the amount of things you possess.” — Luke 12:15

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