Meet Olamide — The Youngest Black Woman, to Raise $10 Million.

Patience is the name of the game

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Patience is not a common trait among ambitious people. It is especially hard to cultivate when building a career or business. Last week, I discussed how social media is populated with big achievements and luxurious living, and how intimidating they can be.

This is why I appreciate successful creators who are transparent about the process of their success. They show us the patience and consistency that got them their big breaks. Their stories are often inspiring and compel us to take the right action.

Recently, I watched Fisayo Fosudo’s house tour, and I was truly inspired. Fisayo is a popular Nigerian tech and finance YouTuber with over 600K subscribers and 100M views. He has interviewed influential personalities like the US Secretary of State and Don Jazzy. I have been following Fisayo since 2020.

Before and after picture of a guy wearing black shirts.
Fisayo Fosudo- Instagram

Fisayo started publishing YouTube videos six years ago and has remained consistent in discussing the same subject—technology!

Here is what I have learned from people like Fisayo:

  1. Spend time developing your passion: In the process of growing your passion, you will encounter setbacks, imposter syndrome, and discouragement. In those moments, your love for your passion will be what keeps you going.
  2. “Two or more good makes a great”: Don’t burden yourself with hitting it big at the start of your career or brand. Instead, focus on being good at what you do. Eventually, all your good work and input will amount to great work.

Meet Olamide Olowe, the youngest black woman to raise $10M in funding. In this video, she talked about God and patience — the two vital ingredients for her business success.

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