Well, it’s challenging, starting again, and over again, whatever the motivation that meets the starting module of whatever MOOC, CPD course, Learning Event: introduce yourself.

www.lamaestra.it You can augment her multimedia rendering, by following LaMaestrA in Aurasma, and enjoying her with AR, too ;o)

Who am I?

I’m amazed of having discovered a TED talk that can explain the ‘kind’ of restless, reflective, reckless, resilient, never relaxed person I am…

So, answering the three ‘who am I’ questions at the onset of the first unit, is a challenge in itself and I am willing to meet it as nimbly as I can :oD

I know, I am, LaMaestrArighEaQuadretti.

In my daily mess I tend to forget myself, but that’s it, it’s me, and she can tell my story, and she can simply show my life, and she can link to the other ripples of my cyberIdentity, last but not least my being eTwinner at heart, for my hometown, L’Aquila.

Claudia Valentini is LaMaestrArighEaQuadretti

In 2003 I decided not to be a blogger, I called that ‘LaMaestrAbbandonata’, she stayed put for a while, while I was exploring the concept and features of e-learning in my School District and chasing, sometimes grabbing the chances to express my educational mission and vision within Communities of Practice and Continuous Professional Development Italian learning environments, up to 2005, the birth of eTwinning! 
I perceive being a blogger, as being too individualistic, it doesn’t foster my extrovert+collaborative nature, that’s why I am using Medium, today, to start my digital portfolio: it’s more social and swiftly useful when ‘going social’ within eTwinning Live, my fav social learning environment. 
Besides, I exploited the potentials of personal blogging, mostly after 6th April 2009 both personally [Tell mE wHy I dOn’t LiKe MonDayS] and professionally [csalaquila.it], and shared this passion with [Foodie&Frosh — Come Charlie] my ‘digital natives’ that nowadays act as informants for LaMaestrA, pushing towards me the latest, and worth a try, communication media trends (simply to tell, I’ve become my daughter’s pranked SnapChat user after the amazement in front of my son’s Vines).

#LaMaestrA called ‘CyberAmici’ the Friends met in 1998, when LaMaestrArighEaQuadretti was a newborn site [timetraveling LaMaestrA neonata, LaMaestrA Vintage, LaMaestrAbbandonata, LaMaestrA 2k, LaMaestraReloaded… what, next?] and this stands at the roots of #eTwinnerAQ, because I’m an eTwinner at heart!

More about me can be explored in these Medium stories:

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CC-BY-NC Claudia Valentini 2016 
.:. #
IoxytocinU .:. eTwinner L’Aquila .:. ThePotterologist .:.

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