Roba da ma… estre

Well, sort of proud of this…

Having been able to remodel old projects, notes, logs, paper crumbles from my quondam life! I made it all during early morning awakenings, nearly a year ago, and I’m happy I found time and energy to re-discover that r&d gym I am sharing here, now, in a further experiment, that’s communicative + breedy.

First things first: the rules to tune in and get the most from these resources.

one. Augmentation

You cannot access the content, without pointing your mobile device to the cover’s picture, using Aurasma, equipped with LaMaestrA’s auras…

LaMaestrA is Claudia Valentini’ channel in Aurasma, follow me.

two. Digital reading

Typed originally with my wordpad, then published online coding them in html3, then, easy to be converted in a neat and straightforward epub, at last the e-books have been fixed into .pdf because the Aurasma inbuilt browser doesn’t read epub. Anyway there’s no paper version. Take it as it come…

three. Contextualization

Always remember, these are papers written from 1991 to 2006, the golden age of my Primary School experience, so read them with that indigo flavor they deserve, and feel, like me, nostalgic about a time in which my school was simpler, cozier, happier indeed…


The only thing I didn’t change is the title of this repository, because it gives all the feels about the mood that triggered the writing, first, the sharing, next, and the regeneration I’m sharing now, again.
Roba da ma…tti -> Roba da ma.. estre
Teacher’s + kooky stuff ;o)

Here they are! Enjoy…

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