Top 12 useful mobile travel apps


Do you like to plan trips and keep everything under control? I do, so I keep an eye on mobile apps for travellers and install and test new ones with good reviews. And then, I keep the apps that prove practical and functional.

Today I will share with you my top list.

Mobile internet around the world


It’s essential for me always to stay online, no matter where I go on holiday. The Airalo app, with its international coverage of over 190 countries, helps me do this.

Airalo is a very convenient service that can save you a lot of money when roaming. You have to install the app, choose a country and a package and then activate the eSIM.

Keeping track of your finances and expenses


Have you noticed that when you travel, you are tempted to try something new, buy a huge number of souvenirs, visit as many sights and restaurants as possible and try all the local specialities? How do you stay within your budget? Only with an assistant.

The Money Pro app helps me. It’s a one-stop shop for budgeting, keeping track of account transactions and reminding me of upcoming payments. The app is excellent for planning and controlling expenses while travelling. And when your holiday is over, it can be used to manage your budget at home.

Document and ticketing storage


If your trips are full of excursions, attractions and museums that require advance purchase, try using Files from Apple to store documents and tickets. It’s very convenient!

The cheapest tickets online and changing locations


There are many easy ways to save on your ticket purchase. For example, you can book your flights months before your trip or take a holiday in the low season. Another great option is to use the NordVPN app.

How does it work? Airlines and travel companies personalise the apps and prices on their websites according to your location (country). This means booking tickets in high-income countries like the US or Australia will cost more than booking tickets in India. And then, to get cheaper tickets, you can change your virtual location using a VPN. Try it!

Check out our tried and tested cheap flight searches


To find the best price tickets by comparing them from different airlines (including low-cost carriers), I use the Skyscanner app. It’s straightforward to use. I can make sure I get the best value for money.

The app is free and can download and install on AppStore and GooglePlay.

Quick and easy accommodation booking


I probably won’t surprise anyone when I say my top app is Airbnb.

It’s the world’s largest travel rental service. You can find everything from a room to a flat or house. The app is available on AppStore and GooglePlay.

Offline maps for easy navigation

Source: unsplash

I like the free app in this regard, which is available to download from AppStore and GooglePlay. I always download the proper maps before a trip, lay out my routes and bookmark the places I want to visit.

Cool photos


Not only do I bring back impressions from every trip, but also great photos that remind me of the holiday.

What do I use to take professional photos? The Halide mobile app. It allows me to evaluate the entire composition before I take the shot.

Automatic video editor with exclusive filters


Photos can’t always capture the atmosphere of a trip, so the video is essential. I use the GoPro Quick app to bring memories back to life with a few clicks and create cinematic quality edits.

Music and podcasts are always with me

I’ve installed the Swedish music service Spotify to listen to what I like. It has a catalogue of over 50 million songs and 4 billion playlists of artists worldwide. What I like about Spotify is that you can create themed playlists. Also, Spotify’s algorithms adjust to my taste and recommend tracks I’m sure I’ll like.

Navigating a city with heavy traffic


When travelling in major European cities, avoiding traffic jams and congestion helps me with the Voi app. It makes me feel more mobile and allows me to visit more places I have planned.

Convenient car hire


I wouldn’t say I like sightseeing tours in buses, so I always rent a car using the Sixt app when I can. It helps to choose and book a car within a few minutes in the city you want.

And which apps do you use when you travel? Share.

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