Top 7 food places in Berlin


Berlin is a city of excitement, discovery and alternative thinking. You’ll find everything from street food to haute cuisine. If you’re planning a trip to Berlin, here are some great places to eat.

Cocodrillo, an Italian trattoria

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Cocodrillo is located in the picturesque Weinbergspark in Mitte. Here, everyone can take a trip back to Italy in the 1950s. Red ceilings, red parquet floors, a library and works of art by Italian masters make every visit to Cocodrillo special.

Here you can try the cheesy pasta carbonara, truffle pizza and delicate burrata. Regarding drinks, the team says they have put together an excellent cocktail list. There’s a Berlini Spritz and an unrivalled Italian classic, the artichoke-flavoured Negroni. It’s best to book online in advance, as the place is usually crowded.

Address: Veteranenstraße 9

Website: Cocodrillo

Le Petit Chef and the Marco Polo Voyage


How about a 3d dinner on the Marco Polo route from France to China for a change?

During the dinner show, a digital chef the size of your thumb will walk around the table and help you decide on your meal.

Rare ingredients, exotic spices from Arabia, India, the Himalayas and China, superb scenery, oriental sights, aromas and sound effects all contribute to a unique dining and gastronomic experience. It is well worth having!

By the way, guests can choose from the classic Marco Polo menu, the vegetarian menu and the children’s menu. But the visuals for all menus are the same, based on the classics.

Address: Grand Hyatt Berlin, Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2

Website: Le Petit Chef

Coffee with your selfies

Source: bellas-cafe-cafe

After a long walk, do you fancy a coffee to cheer you up? Stop by Bellas Café with a romantic vibe.

Please sit back, take selfies, upload them to the barista via the app and get ready to enjoy your drink. The selfies are priced at €5.9. You can order cakes and pastries to go with it.

By the way, here’s a list of places to drink coffee in Hamburg:

Address: Torstraße 207

Website: Bellas Café

An unusual restaurant with an art space


For a taste of Hamburg’s urban culture, go to The Reed. Here you can enjoy drinks in the bar, browse through artworks in the digital gallery and listen to live music from a talented DJ.

The restaurant has a beautiful location. It is close to Alexanderplatz, which is a plus. And that is why it is better to book a table in advance.


The menu is decent for different tastes — from vegetarian delicacies to fish and meat dishes. Portions are small, so you can try various dishes from the menu and appreciate the chef’s skill. I recommend going there for brunch.

Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13

Website: The REED

Patio on the seafront


In summer, you want to get close to the water and feel the coolness. If you think so, visit Patio. You can have a delicious meal or pause for a cocktail and enjoy the views over the city from either the top or the bottom deck.


The boat has an area with two swings that hang over the water; the lower deck has an aquarium and a dance floor for parties. If you’re in Berlin for a few days, don’t miss out on the chance to party.

Address: Ecke, Kirchstrasse, Helgoländer Ufer 13 a

Website: PATIO

Georgian food for gourmets and vegetarians


The cafe serves delicious Georgian dishes like khinkali, khachapuri and matsoni (yoghurt soup). Thanks to the spices and flavours in Georgia’s nature, they are rich in aromas and flavourings.

Vegetarian dishes are also available — salads, aubergine rolls and Ajapsandali — a natural vegetable paradise. The homely delicious food is complemented perfectly by some light Georgian wines.

Address: Straßmannstraße 30

Website: Ambavi

The Catch is a lively and dynamic Japanese restaurant


This is an atmospheric, Izakaya-style restaurant where you can enjoy modern Japanese cuisine and discover popular fast food. You can try hamachi sashimi, fiery salmon nigiri and king crab roll.


It also has some of Berlin’s best sushi rolls. This is one of the few places in the city where you can enjoy authentic Japanese food.

Address: Bleibtreustraße 41

Website: The Catch

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