Nigeria Health Watch is Bringing Health and Tech Together

The first edition of the future of health conference organized by Nigeria Health Watch (NHW) held in September of 2015. It was excellently organized,well attended and put forward some excellent conversations around health and the role of tech in Nigerian healthcare. Videos from the conference are available here. I was excited this week to receive an invitation to the second edition. I eagerly registered and reached out to Dr Ihekweazu the Managing editor of NHW to thank him for the excellent job they do. NHW is easily the best public health blog in Africa, an opinion that’s not only held by me.

I started following NHW as a medical student in Europe some years ago. I was eager to keep abreast of the issues in Nigerian health care and NHW was the only place to do so. Back then they were just on blogspot and posted a bit too infrequently for my liking. Whenever they did post, it was always excellent and insightful.

One particular post of theirs introduced me to a new platform: Twitter. NHW had at the time indicated they would focus more on posting to twitter rather than blogspot. So i signed up for twitter just to follow them. I’d heard of this social network called twitter but couldn’t be bothered as there was no compelling reason to sign up, until NHW gave me one.

Fast forward to a few years down the line and i now check twitter almost every hour. A good lesson to learn here is that when a service or content is so compelling it can bring people on to new platforms and dramatically alter their habits. NHW is one such service that is wonderful in multiple ways.

One more anecdote: They did a piece on kidney solutions, a kidney center set up in Lagos by Nigerian doctors in the diaspora. I read the piece and went on to reach out to Dr Ogo, one of its founders who provided me with incredible insights when I started out on my digital health entrepreneurship journey. Interestingly at that time I was living in New Zealand, reading a blog about Nigeria that connected me to Dr Ogo who was based in California. That’s the power of technology!

Dr Ihekweazu graciously responded to my email. He asked if i knew of any tech people in Nigeria who’d be interested in attending the ‘Future of Health’ conference. He indicated a real desire to get the right mix of people in the room. So if you’re a techie interested in health and development do get in contact with NHW or visit the conference website. The event is invite only so apply early. I can assure you that NHW will deliver a most amazing conference.